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Angelina Huang

a small girl with a big story

From international competitive figure skater to recipe developer and food blogger, photographer, and stylist... I have quite the story to tell (and this is just the beginning)! Read all about it below!

The Full Journey...


the start of an adventure

I was born and raised in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. There, my parents, two hardworking Taiwanese immigrants, gave me all the opportunities in the world to grow, learn, and excel. Because of that, I've found my passions in figure skating, the culinary arts, photography, travel, and so much more!

the beautiful sport and art of figure skating

My parents let me try every sport you could think of, and at the age of six, I fell in love with the art of figure skating. I quickly found my way into the world of competitive skating, and when I was fourteen, I became the 2017 U.S. Nationals Novice Ladies Champion. Following that, I was a two-season member of Team USA, training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and competing all over the world. I retired from my competitive career after more than twelve years of skating, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.


how athletic recipes began

Having a love for the culinary arts and an understanding of the importance of proper nourishment, I started my Instagram food blog, @athleticrecipes, to share unique healthy recipes with those who are looking to take a step towards a better lifestyle. Because of my Instagram page, I've gained so many other opportunities including my food photography and recipe development career!


food photography and recipe development

I call this my "paid hobby" because it's so fun I don't see it as work! I'm a "for fun" food blogger turned professional food photographer and recipe developer. I had no idea that this career existed until I was invited for a tasting at a local restaurant in Colorado Springs and they asked if I was for hire. Now, I shoot for restaurants and private chefs all over Colorado! When I'm not photographing, I recipe develop for companies across the world. By using their products, I create delicious recipes for their audiences.

social media manager

more with the camera

Food photography wasn't the first time I picked up my camera. I've always been passionate about nature and wildlife photography. I'm a competitive photographer whose images have been selected to compete in the Photographic Society of America Worldwide's international competitions!

A Doe and Fawn Re-edit.jpg

Besides food photography and recipe development, I'm a social media manager too. I work for some amazing companies and public figures!

finding the world of business

On top of everything I do, I'm a full-time undergraduate student pursuing a Marketing degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison! Being a freelancer and entrepreneur has taught me many valuable life skills such as time and project management, quick adaptability, and efficient communication.


forever exploring and adventuring

I was born to adventure. I'm always looking for the next beautiful destination to travel to or for the next crazy stunt to accomplish. If you were to ask me, "what's on your bucket list?" I would answer "anything and everything!" My favorite experiences include hiking the blue ice caves and glaciers in Iceland, ice climbing frozen waterfalls in Ouray, Colorado, and skating during sunset on the frozen lakes of Wisconsin!

The story doesn't end here...

Every day is a new page in my book. I only hope to take the opportunities that are given to me and make the most of them! Thank you for reading and for joining me on my journey to infinity and beyond!

Much love,

Angelina Huang

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