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Hi there! I'm Angelina Huang - founder of Athletic Recipes.


I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO, but I currently reside in Colorado Springs, CO. I still visit St. Louis quite often though.


I am best known for my figure skating career. I stepped on the ice for the first time at the

the age of six and fell in love with the sport and the art. I am proudly the 2017 U.S. Novice National Champion and 2019 Chinese Taipei National Team Selection Champion. In addition, I am a current Team Taiwan member, former Team USA member (2x international seasons), 1x U.S. Regional champion, 1x U.S. Sectional champion, 4x U.S. National competitor, and 1x International medalist. I am proud and thankful to have gotten this far in my skating career.


Because of skating, I became passionate about health and wellness. I love to cook (and eat), so I decided to start an Instagram blog in December of 2017. Because of my blog, I have gotten the opportunity to work with many companies, brands, and restaurants. All of these opportunities got me to turn my hobby into a paying job. I now work as a freelance food photographer, stylist, and critic.


When I can find time in my busy schedule, you can find me with my camera (not shooting food). I am a nature and landscape photographer who is a competitive member of the St. Louis Camera Club [IG: @angelina.huang_]. I love to travel! My favorite country is Iceland. The beautiful aurora, giant glaciers, and magnificent waterfalls were unbelievable! I'm also very active outdoors. I love hiking through the mountains, running the unknown trails, and fishing at the many lakes in Colorado!

In conclusion, thank you for all of your support. I wouldn't be the person I am without you! I love seeing you guys recreate my recipes, and thank you for joining me on my journey to living a healthy lifestyle!

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